A few words about us

The historical path of KAMPAKOS SA begins in 1971 when a sole proprietorship was established with the object of color in the city of Chania.

In a short period of time, he manages to import car paint, expand to a second store, and create partnerships that last to this day.

In a short period of time, he manages to import car paint, expand to a second store, and create partnerships that last to this day.

It acquires the form of a S.A. company in privately owned facilities, increases its potential, creates partnerships with Greek and other companies with the only concern being the customer who will trust it to be satisfied even after the sale.

Over the years, the passion for the quality of the materials, as well as the needs of the market, pushes it to evolve by expanding its horizons in order to be the new proposition in modern construction.

Utilizing our many years of experience and the know-how of our human resources, we achieve the ideal cost-quality-performance ratio at all stages of a project's implementation.

We offer innovative solutions for all kinds of buildings and infrastructures.

  • Residences & complexes
  • Professional & industrial spaces
  • Public services & Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals & Military Installations
  • Construction sites & production units

Vision and values

We envisage, with the cooperation between different specialties, that our client can achieve efficiency in all stages of the implementation of a project.

Personal communication and dialogue with the client with the aim of creating unique projects, in any case responding to all of their specifications and needs.

The culmination of all our efforts is for the customer to be at the center of each of our operations and with the honesty, transparency and responsibility that have characterized us since our foundation to advance this project.


The activity of our company begins in 1971 when Spyros Kampakos opens the first place that represents that you are related to building paints.


Although the economic conditions at that time were particularly difficult, his friendly and cheerful personality, combined with the professionalism he had "inherited" from abroad in previous years, managed to become the point of reference in the industry.


It will then expand to the automotive sector and once again pioneer as it will be the first to import car paint in Crete and represent a large German company throughout the island for many years.


The business grows as the second generation comes to follow and expand the project, in new privately owned facilities that complement the first store, and expand to a range of material tools and partnerships with the largest companies and groups in the field, which continue to this day.

Our customers and partners, with their trust over the years, make development our main concern, quality is the primary driver for the selection of products that meet market requirements and offer the consumer the ideal cost-quality-performance ratio in all the implementation stages of a project.

This year we celebrate half a century of presence...50 years...we also welcome the third generation with optimism for the future, pass on the values and continue!

Passion and love for what we do makes us better. Teamwork multiplies personal ability and makes us more effective. We envision new horizons of corporate and personal development!

Thank you for being by our side!!