You have the right to return the products you buy without a return fee and without the obligation to inform the reason for which you wish to return the products (if it is not a change in sizes), within seven (7) days from the date you receive them.

Returns are accepted only if:

1. The product has not been used.

2. The tags (if any) of the manufacturing company as well as the product labels have not been removed or destroyed.

3. All accompanying items such as the box, any manuals and proof of purchase are present (sent back with the item).

4. If the product is accompanied by a gift, it must also be returned.

5. You send the products through the partner ACS courier companies, with a sender’s fee.

6. When sending your new products after the change, you will be charged €2.70, regardless of the difference resulting from the changes.

7. In case of a refund, note the account number (IBAN) and the bank along with the name of the beneficiary and the number of your original order on the return slip and in 15 calendar days from the day of receipt of the parcel by our company, the amount returned to your account. In case of electronic payments, the amount is returned to your card according to the above-mentioned procedure.

8. Return of products that are considered defective and are in their original condition, with their original packaging and original markings on the products are sent again free of charge (there is no charge of €4). Only products that are unsuitable to be worn or used for their intended purpose are considered defective and in no case products that deviate from the photos posted on our website due to expected differences during their download and posting. In any case where a defect is found, the recipient/customer has the possibility to contact the online store via e-mail at or by phone at 2821092387. If a product is declared defective by the recipient/customer, we expressly reserve the right to our diagnosis of the product as defective following inspection by our competent employees.

9. Please ensure that the packaging of the shipment is secure so as to avoid any damage during transport. Return with damaged original packaging due to negligence of the customer/shipper or adhesive tape on the box or notes with a pen/marker will not be accepted!

Please be informed that Kampakos is not responsible in case of product loss or damage during return/shipment transport. Our online store has a mechanism for canceling an order (in whole or in part) that has already been placed. For any cancellation of an order (total or partial) you should send an e-mail to